Clinical Services for Families at Home

Speech and Language

Letter to Parents - How to contact us April Arctic
Support Speech April Communication
Language Games April Fluency
Child Friendly COVID-19 April Language
March Language Calendar April Pragmatics
April Language Calendar

Occupational Therapy

Technology & Learning Supports Self Monitoring Tips
24 Hr Movement Guide Focus & Attention Tips
Caregiver Tips Sensory Activities at Home
Social Opportunities Social Story - Seeing My Friends
Count Down & Reinforcements Fine Motor
100 Things to Do Indoors OT Home Based Activities
Bedtime Routines Self Regulation
Actions I can take to stay healthy - social story.pdf Giving People Space When Talking - Story.pdf
Hand Washing Steps - Visual Chart.pdf Hand Washing Steps with pictures .pdf
Handwashing Stickers .pdf Learning about Keeping Healthy - Symbol supported information.pdf
Now I Wave to Say Hi - Story.pdf SRSD OT handout Strategies to Teach about Face Masks.pdf
SRSD OT handout Strategies to Teach Handwashing Skills.pdf SRSD OT handout Strategies to Teach Social Distancing.pdf
Staying Healthy Symbol Story.pdf Steps in Washing your Hands - Poster.pdf
Steps to Giving People Space -Poster .pdf Superhero Boy Poster - Washing Hands.jpg
Superhero girl poster - washing hands.jpg The Task of the Mask Social Story.pdf
Things I do When Socially Distancing - Social Story.pdf Visual Poster of Safety Reminders.pdf
Wash your Hands Poster.jpg We Wear Masks - Social Story .pdf
Wearing a Mask Social Story - editable.pdf Wearing a Mask Social Story.pdf


Letter to Parents Talking to Children About COVID-19
Executive Functioning Strategies for Online Learning

Social Work

How can I keep my child calm?

Just Breathe
Self-regulation games for kids 3-7 years old
Coregulation tips for children
Words to Calm a Child: phrases Every Child Needs to Hear

My child is worried about COVID 19

Understanding the big and small picture impact of COVID 19
Social Story for Children to explain COVID-19
How to Talk to Your Anxious Child or Teen About Coronavirus
Talking Confidently to Kids about the Coronavirus

What am I supposed to do with my kids during this time?

Keep Kids Entertained During Coronavirus Quarantine - Family Lockdown Guide
Easy Daily Schedule for Kids During COVID-19 Shutdown

How can I Manage my Anxiety and be the Best Parent I
can be During this Strange Time?

Helpful Tips for Everyone to Make it through this
How to Manage Discomfort and Stay Strong
10 Steps to Co-Parent During the COVID-19 Crisis
 Tips for Parenting During Times of Crisis
Tips for working from home with your children
Great Resource for Everything Related to Mental Health and COVID 19

What do I do if I need help?

Talk to Macdonald Youth Services
Talk to the Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba
Contact Kids Help Phone Text "connect" to 686868
Contact Klinic Crisis Line
Contact School Division for Clinical Support

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